Extensive research confirms that animals also need to consume omega-3. Most types of animal feed contain plenty of vegetable derived omega-6 fatty acids, but are poor in essential omega-3 fatty acids. Thus it is recommended to give fish oil supplement to dry food.

Omega-3 fatty acids assists brain, heart and cardiovascular function in your dog, and reduces all kinds of inflammation. Omega-3 can also increase your dogs performance in hunting and other dog-activities. Studies have indicated that dogs taking omega-3 supplements can increase performance by 50%. Those who take their dogs to shows and exhibitions will find omega-3 provides a wonderful shiny coat without dryness, dandruff or other problems.

Pregnant dogs can also benefit from omega-3 supplements, because DHA fatty acids improve the development of the brain, adrenal gland and retina. Research also shows that dogs taking omega-3 develop a good nervous system so information is processed faster, thereby increasing the capacity and ability to learn. Nutrition is actually the only thing a dog owner can influence, and it constitutes 25-30% of the dog's health.

EPA and DHA fatty acids found in fish oil provide the beneficial health effects research indicates. Obersten Omega-3 is produced from from fatty fish such as mackerel, herring and anchovies, which contains large amounts of EPA and DHA fatty acids